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Leading quality Cemetery Products with industry leading features and theft deterrent materials.

Cemetery Vases & Burial Urns

Leading quality combination burial urns & cremation urns at an affordable value with industry leading features

ForeverSafe™ Urns

The remembrances we leave keeps the spirit of our loved ones alive. The loss of a memorial vase can be devastating for a family trying to pay respect at the sacred ground of a gravesite. One of the most attacked items in cemeteries across the nation are memorial & cemetery vases. Robbers are taking them by the hundreds from cemeteries in almost every city, every day.  It is unnecessary to use metal for memorial vases and highly increase the possibility of the vase being stolen. The ForeverSafe™ Vase is a beautiful alternative to susceptible metal counterparts.

ForeverSafe™ Products is a leading division of Granger Industries, Inc.
Granger Industries Logo, ForeverSafe™ A Division of Granger Industries

If you have had a cemetery vase stolen, next time around choose ForeverSafe™ for your replacement cemetery vase. All ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Vases are adaptable to fit most common canisters. With just a little information and a few photographs, our sales experts can get you fitted for the correct cannister. They snap in just like metal vases. ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Vases offer exclusive metallic and granite effects so the quality of your cemetery vase shines through. Never worry about freezing water or damage by the rain. ForeverSafe™ weathers all seasons and will be there when you visit time after time. Bring flowers forever and ForeverSafe™ will be there.

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ForeverSafe™ ProductS Cemetery Vase Information

ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Vase Product Information

ForeverSafe™ ProductS Burial Urn Information

ForeverSafe™ Urn Product Information

Weather Impervious Burial & Cremation Urns that will stand up to the test of time!

Cemetery Vases & Burial Urns

ForeverSafe™ Products, offer a long term, safe and secure option for the cremains of a loved one. Whether beautifully displayed or even buried, the ForeverSafe™ creamtion burial urns are water tight, offereing an attractive, high quality burial urns offering unprecedented protection for your loved ones cremains. ForeverSafe Cremation Urns & Burial urns are offered in (8) beautiful colors, in (2) highly aesthetic shapes with (2) different texture or finish options.

ForeverSafe™ Urns & Vases

Water tight urn that does not require an additional vault. Water Tight keeps your loved one ForeverSafe™

Water Tight Burial Urns- No Vault Required

Water Tight Rectangle Urns by ForeverSafe™

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Water Tight Cremation Urns Testing Video

Burial Urn weight-loading Test Video

See the ForeverSafe™ Burial Urn display its airtight/watertight sealing properties that protects against flooding and other problems.

See The ForeverSafe™ Burial Urn support a 5,000 pound forklift without comprimising its structural integrity.

ForeverSafe™ Occasional Vase

The ForeverSafe Occasional Collection is a line of staked vases that are reusable, durable, beautiful and designed for a variety of purposes.

Extend the life of a sympathy arrangement with a ForeverSafe Occasional Vase. A premium addition to any floral arrangement, the ForeverSafe Occasional Vase can be used in a service then taken to the gravesite to respectfully display.

Spike Vase, Stake Vase, Cemetery Flower Vase
Spike Vase, Stake Vase, Cemetery Flower Vase

Assembly of the Occasional Vase. The Cemetery vase that does not require a cannister.

ForeverSafe Occasional Vase allows for flowers to sit upright in front of practically any type of monument. Use them for special occasions or to display multiple arrangements, or add color to a monument. Because remembrance is always a special occasion, show them you care with the ForeverSafe Occasional Vase.

The ForeverSafe Occasional Vase is the only high quality, durable, Cemetery Flower vase that allows for attractive decorative use without requiring the expense of a cemetery vase cannister.

ForeverSafe™ Urn & Vase Colors

White Granite Urn & Vase Canister Set
White Granite Urn & Vase Set
Terra Cotta Granite Urn & Vase Set
Terra Cotta Granite Urn & Vase Set
Mahogany Urn & Vase Set
Mahogany Urn & Vase Set
Black Granite Urn & Vase Set
Black Granite Urn & Vase Set
Grey Granite Urn & Vase Set
Grey Granite Urn & Vase Set
Brown Granite Urn & Vase Canister Set
Brown Granite Urn & Vase Set
Antiqued Urn & Vase Canister Set
Antiqued Urn & Vase Set
Bronze Urn & Vase Set
Bronze Urn & Vase Set